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NMI provides Calibration services at the Institute laboratories and branch calibration laboratories (in-house), at the cutomer's premise using cutomer laboratories (on-site) and using the facility of our mobile calibration laboratories

Maintenance of National measurement Standards
Electric measurement Standard
  • DC  voltage standard  10V ± 8.01ppm is the national  measurement standard to DC voltage calibration. AC/DC transfer standard is used for maintaining of AC voltage and current calibration.
  • Tinsely resistor 1Ω± 0.6ppm and 10k Ω± 0.8ppm are the national measurment standards to DC resitance and Tinsley resistance 0.001Ω to 1MΩ are used to make the DC current traceability
Mass measurement Standard

The national measurement standards in mass field are set of weights of OIML class E2 for nominal values ranging from 1 mg to 10 kg and OIML class F1 for others.

Length measurement standard

The national measurement standards for the length field are a set of gauge block of Grade 00. The set has 116 pieces with nominal values ranging from 0. 5μm to 500 mm. Combinations of gauge blocks are used when calibrating items with values other than nominal values available in the set.  Using this technique the scope in this area can be extended to cover the ranges from 0.5μm to 900 mm.

Temperature measurement standard

The national measurement standards of temperature calibration are Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers (SPRTs) and noble type Thermocouples (TCs), which are capable to measure -40 to 660OC and 660 to 1200OC respectively

Lonization Radiation standard

The national measurement standard to ionization radiation is equipped with a Cs-137 irradiator